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The Trapps: Press

"The Trapps’ “Cheap Seats” is without question my favorite add in this recent Fall/Winter season!  An Indie, “roots” Americana act with raw, stark, honest-to-Hank emotional intensity and musical ability.  Are you kidding me? ONE - guy wrote those songs (for the most part)? And the musicianship is outstanding!  The openness and purity of the songs on “Cheap Seats” just drips out of my speakers like warm Southern Comfort and honey."

Johnny Black, Music Director - High Plains Public Radio 105.7, Amarillo, TX (Dec 2, 2009)

"The Trapps have been creating quite the buzz lately, and this sparkling new CD shows exactly why.  There's an earnest, righteous quality inherent to all the tunes, the Trapps aren’t out to write hits, just great songs. The funny thing is, they may be so good, they’ll be hits anyway."

David Malachowski - The Daily Freeman (Dec 4, 2009)

"The Trapps really are quite a find. They are the sort of band who – if such methods still existed – would be nurtured through several great albums before hitting serious commercial paydirt and we'd have to then begin saying (correctly) that we always loved them even before they sold enormous amounts of records. Here's hoping there's still a label and A&R department out there willing to put in the time, because this album suggests the investment would be more than worth it." 
- Tim Peacock, Editor, Whisperin & Hollerin

Rating: 9 out of 10 Stars

Tim Peacock - Whisperin' & Hollerin', Ireland (Jan, 2010)

"The Trapps ensemble backs up all of its pavement pounding and silver lining with live shows that go the extra step, songwriting that never takes the easy way out and a new record that shimmers and shines, rocks 'n' rolls...Unlike the abandoned train car on the cover of 'Cheap Seats' and more like the railroad tracks, this band is going somewhere."

John W. Barry - Poughkeepsie Journal (Oct 23, 2009)

"The Trapps deliver a stunning collection of songs filled with great tone and harmony that demand to be listened to again and again."

Rick Schneider, Music Director - WKZE, 98.1 FM - RED HOOK, NY (Oct, 2009)

"Cheap Seats captures a band as it comes into its own. The Trapps have outdone themselves on this beautiful record."

Rhett Miller, Lead Singer & Songwriter Old 97's (Oct, 2009)

"It’s time for the whole country to finally hear The Trapps.”

Gary Chetkoff, President 100.1 WDST Radio Woodstock - WDST, 100.1FM - WOODSTOCK, NY (Oct, 2009)

"The Trapps are able to create songs that make you think about your life. Stories in songs are great, but if no one is moving their head or tapping their toes - it's not working. The Trapps make it work."

Jason Keller, Host of Big Break & Radio DJ - WHRL, 103.1 FM - ALBANY, NY (Oct, 2009)

"How nice to hear a band that can play, but uses its considerable chops in service to the song - whether a rocker, a blues-drenched jammer or ballad. Come hear why they have shared the stage with the Allmans, Levon and crew, Martin Sexton and others who have hit the Big Time with a similar blend."

Bob Margolis - Hudson Valley Almanac (Oct 22, 2009)

"Cheap Seats is a no-nonsense recording. I was really moved by many of these songs. The songs on this CD asked many of the questions that many need to ask...GREAT CD!"

James Hawkins, Saturday Morning Folk Radio Show - WSLR, 96.5 FM - SARASOTA, FL (Dec, 2009)